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I’m Taller Than I look

I’m Taller Than I Look! I’ve always been petite. Right now, I stand a whopping 4’10”. Growing up, I was always the shortest one in my class. One year, I stood on my tippy toes during our class photo so I could be moved to the second row, but I got a

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The Resilience of the Human Spirit

I grew up believing that the blind could see. My grandfather taught me that. For instance, he could hear the ice cream truck long before I could, and he always knew who was in the room. He would walk around the neighborhood by himself for hours, knowing exactly where he was and what was

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The Gift of Creativity

“Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.” — Cecil B. DeMille I love to create things! For the last 7 years one my hobbies has been making jewelry.   When I am in the creative zone it helps eliminate pain, makes me happy and time flies.  When I am creating something, or

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